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September 1, 2014 at 2:10am
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I’m trying to figure out why I’m wide awake… I been on a consistent sleep pattern. Bed by 12 up by 8 am

Here it is 2 am and I’m chilling.

Then I remember, my coworker slipped me a large Dunkin Donut Pumpkin Iced Coffee

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August 31, 2014 at 11:47pm
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Tomorrow is September 1.

I don’t know about the rest of y’all— but I’m from New England and you know what that mean? Autumn is basically here. We always get like a good week— maybe a week and a half of summery type weather. Then, all of a sudden it just get cold as fuck.

I’m three ready

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Your girl just bought mad pants and bras! I am so pleased with my purchases; like I’m souped. I bought 4 bras for the price of 2. 

Being tall and having big boobs ain’t cheap. 

Lolll how tall are you?

I am 5’9

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I got the bike in one arm and the little girl’s hand in the other. we get to the crosswalk to cross the intersection and I ask her where does she live. She looked up at me, said “I don’t know.” I’m like, “do you know a phone number we can call? like your mommy? your grandma? auntie?” and she just shook her head. GIRL. I’m like “you don’t know your address sweetie?” and she was like “I think it’s 1 Tumblr Ave*” we start walking and I’m looking up Tumblr Ave on google maps, and i’m just like, “What the fuck did I even get myself into?” Lord, for real, don’t let me lose my job or go to jail over this. Because as I’m walking, i’m realizing how much of a bad idea this whole shit is. Like, low key, I think this is kidnapping.

As we’re walking, she tells starting to recognize where she is and starts giving me directions as to how she normally gets home. I ask her about school and if she’s excited about going back. I also learn her name and she tells me she’s 7. SEVEN FUCKING YEARS OLD AND HER UNCLE THOUGHT SHE COULD CROSS A BUSY INTERSECTION LIKE THAT ON HER OWN. THIS NIGGA WAS STEALING WITH HIS SEVEN YEAR OLD NIECE WITH HIM. LIKE WTF? SEVEN FUCKING YEARS OLD AND SHE WASN’T SURE ABOUT HER ADDRESS OR A PHONE NUMBER. NOT TO MENTION, SHE TOO WILLINGLY LEFT THE STORE WITH MY ASS. 

we get to the house and she knocks on the door. her mom opens the door and see’s me and is mad confused. I tell her everything and how I didn’t mean any harm, I just didn’t want anything to happen to mackenzie*.

the mother was completely shocked. like she cannot get over the fact that he was stealing with her and got caught. then she goes, “that aint even her uncle. he just got out of prison for robbery” blahzayblah.  Then it really start settling in with her and she started freaking out like “what if someone else would’ve took her, if you didn’t find her? what if when the cops came they took her?” and she was like, “do you know I already got a child services case pending against me?” and for a second, i was like damn— maybe I should’ve stayed out of it, what if it would’ve benefitted her to get taken away?” [but deep down, I know there is no benefit. I got too many homegirls that got tossed around in the system. not to mention, my aunt was a foster mother, so a lot of my cousins used to tell me about how raw it gets in different homes/wards.] but she went on to say how she was trying to get herself together and take care of her daughter. she was very thankful and super embarrassed. however she was concerned that he had her ebt card on him. i had to keep it real with her like, whenever they detain someone and call the cops- the person always leaves in handcuffs. so i don’t really know what to tell you. she asking me to see if she can get the card from him and I’m like yeah sure (girl). however, if the cops do show up, help a bitch out, you feel me? I wrap it up with her, because I’m still on break, and it’s starting to run over.

I take off running— and half way back to the store, who do I see run into. The fucking uncle.

(Kill Bill sirens)

Now I stop, ready for whatever, because, because. 

You know he apologized? like a legitimate apology.

Long story story short: I get back to work, only to find out that the only reason he didn’t get arrested was because he stole under $100 worth of shit…tax included. his shit rang up to about $93.

Everybody was like why did you care so much? I initially made her come inside, only off of the strength that she was a kid. but real shit, it’s black girls over everything

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On Friday, I got asked to cover someone’s shift.  (you know as I’m telling this story, I’m realizing, none of this should have even happened.) at around 7:30, I leave the store to go on break and grab something to eat. As I’m leaving I call my homeboy, and while the phone is ringing, I see this little black girl standing outside with her bike looking around. Now I’ve seen the girl plenty of times in the store, with her mother and I remember seeing her earlier that day, with some guy who I presumed to be her father. 

i look around and I don’t see anybody, except for the few people walking past her in and out of the store. but more importantly, I don’t see the man she came in with earlier. so i stop and ask her “hey, where’s your dad?” and she’s like “he said he’ll be right back.” now keep in mind it’s about 7:30, so it’s getting dark. I’m looking around like, did he run to the other side of the building to make a sell or cop a lil something? then I’m thinking like, did he just ditch her? like is this one of those parents leaving the kid in a public place thinking they’ll be safe type of thing? So I tell her grab her bike, her juices (there was 2) and just come in the store and wait for your dad inside.

I say to my coworker “she was outside by herself, can u keep an eye on her til i grab my sandwich and come back?” my coworker is ringing people up at the register and was like “i mean yeah, I would say go grab the ashley*, but she’s in the back with dan*— they just caught someone stealing.”

(insert Kill Bill sirens)

no. NO—THERE IS NO WAY! LIKE DON’T LET IT BE. lord, can it like not be? 

I go to the back of store, and I see dan and ashley back but I can’t see who they’re talking too. I somehow get ashley’s attention and I’m like “is there a tall black bald man in there?” and she’s like “yeah, why?” I explain that his daughter is out in the front store waiting for him. I ask if it’s against protocol for me to go back there and she’s just let’s me back there. 

I’m like “excuse me, I don’t mean no harm, but the person outside waiting for you is looking for you. is there a number i can call to have someone come get her.” I try to say it on the sly like nigga you know you stealing and got your baby with you, you know the cops are coming let me get her out of her before they show up and take her.

You know he looked at me and was like, “ayo mind yuh bidness. dats my sister’s child. she gud, aight. she know how tuh get home. she know what it is." Now off top, I’m pissed because 1. who the fuck you talking to? 2. i’m tryna help yo ass out 3. you got these white people looking at us crazy. but low-key though, he right. I should’ve totally minded my own fucking business. anyway, we kinda get into it a bit because I don’t take kindly to people talking to me any kind of way, ESPECIALLY, when I’m being nice. so i kinda raised up a bit, and dan (the secret shopper that caught him stealing) was like shoeing me away. 

so i leave pissed, plus i’m on my break. I call my mother, explain the whole shit to her real quick, and she like “Bry— you gotta get that little girl outta there. like don’t be hot with it. just cover your mouth and tell her take her bike and go home.” and I’m like man, I can’t afford to lose my job, right now. And as we’re talking, I see the cops roll up and ashley waving me down. I get to her and she’s like “he told us to tell her to go home, but she won’t go, she’s scared.” 

without fucking thinking, I grab her bike and tell her let’s go. 

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SOOOOOOO, I got a story to tell.

It involves me not minding my business, almost losing my job, and almost catching a fade and a case all in the name of protecting a little black girl.

You ready?

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Your girl just bought mad pants and bras! I am so pleased with my purchases; like I’m souped. I bought 4 bras for the price of 2. 

Being tall and having big boobs ain’t cheap. 

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got a bitch like

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two people I heavily fucked with deleted and I’m sad

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August 30, 2014 at 12:32pm
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drake got bars but who really want to see him battle? 

drake got bars but who really want to see him battle? 

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What is chill and can anybody get me some?

Because I clearly don’t have any.

After the shit I pulled today. I mean I don’t regret anything, I’d do it all again. However, shit could’ve gone bad for me today.

August 29, 2014 at 4:08pm
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can we talk about my deep admiration for Tracee Ellis Ross.

I’ve loved her for a very, very, very long time. I loved her back in the day, when she was on the Lyricist Lounge show. That show went way over my head back then, but I really liked that they rapped their sketches. 

Years later on Girlfriends, I really had a connection with her. Again, the show was way too advanced for me, however, I knew that I was Joan. Like, Joan was the original quirky black girl and I needed that visibility as a child.